Something New and Exciting! Spring / Summer D.1 - Bazics CY - Blog #5

March 30, 2018

Something New and Exciting! Spring / Summer D.1 - Bazics CY - Blog #5

Cherished and Beloved Readers!

A whole-hearted welcome to our blog, where we are constantly churning up something new and exciting. This time around, we are going to regale you with all the exciting and juicy details from our romantically scenic and spectacular new shoot, which took place the glorious Pervolia beach and the adorably picturesque village of Kiti.

One look at the swaying palm trees made it clear that we are definitely going to run out of poses to capture the majestic beauty of this lovely beach. The sky was clear, and the natural light was divinely perfect to capture some amazingly spectacular shots. We were delighted to see that the raw beauty of the Pervolia beach provided the perfect vibe to showcase our trendy new collection.

Later, we head over to the lustrous and rich fields of the iconic Kiti Village, and had such a splendid time frolicking amidst the rich greenery and organic production of the region. It is always essential to highlight the rich beauty of our region, which allowed us to click some amazing colour filled photographs.

Bazics CY Photoshoot Le Specs, Cheap Monday, NA-KD

Le Specs Adam Selman The Fugitive

Cinco Necklace

Cheap Monday, Bazics CY photoshoot

Quay Australia, Common Love Tort / Brown

For this season’s shoot, we had the pleasure of working with the extremely talented, insanely humble and oh-so beautiful, Ifigenia Pieridou, a powerhouse, dancer and performer, along with being a model who believes in breaking barriers and shutting down notions. Her sassy confidence and alluring beauty provided the perfect vibe to showcase our new arrivals collection with a massive thud of glamour. Ifigenia managed to pour more beauty in the picturesque landscape of Pervolia beach with her alluring figure and gorgeousness.

What delighted us beyond belief was the fact that my lovely sister, Elena Chrysafi, decided to grace our photoshoot with her beautiful and powerful presence, which truly filled the space with fun, laughter and most importantly, a whole lot of glamour! Elena provided our collection the strong modern-girl vibes with a positivity-filled demeanour and a smile that could light up the entire Kiti village with its vibrancy.

Quay Australia As If! Orange Quay Australia Sunglasses Sahara Black / Olive  Quay Australia Hidden Hills

I was also a part of the shoot, which made it an ever more memorable and enjoyable experience as we got together with Ifigenia Pieridou to create some iconic girls-just-wanna-have-fun moments at some of the most breath-taking locations in Cyprus. We had a fantastic time, and managed to create a lovely spread of pictures to showcase the new collection while enjoying the location and activity with a spontaneous and fun-filled attitude.

Last but not the least, we must take a moment to appreciate and applaud the iconic and powerful talent of Leonidas photography, the man behind our excitingly glamorous photoshoot. A bold man with an iconic vision, he knows exactly how to get the very best of the scenic locations and natural lighting to bring out the most beautiful features of his models and create dynamically creative shots.


Le Specs is an iconic brand that allows modern fashionistas to rock the classic beauty of revamped vintage designs that are infused with a sleek boldness and a sassy modern attitude. Over the years, Le Specs has carved itself a powerful trend-making position in the industry with its youth-driven strategy that caters to the style statements of the insanely cool and voguishly trendy.

This directional brand owes its success to its provocative designs that always stay abreast of the raging trends of the runway, along with continuously reviving timeless trends that we all adore with their heritage aesthetic that has grown immensely popular. From the Hadid sisters to Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and all the other fashion It girls, Le Specs is immensely popular and trending hot on Instagram.

At Bazics CY, you can shop all their exclusive lines: Adam Selman, Le Specs Luxe and Le Specs Mainline!


Le Specs Adam Selman - The Fugitive Black

The sassy and sleek temple-length design of the Fugitive Black allows you rock an illicitly criminal and notoriously glamorous vibe that is trending hot in street style. After spotting it on the It girls, Gigi Hadid and Sofia Richie, we’ve fallen even deeply in love with its sexy cat-eye statement.

Le Specs Adam Selman - The Fugitive Black


Le Specs Adam Selman - The Fugitive Satin Black

The Fugitive Satin Black allows you to rock a notorious boldness with a criminal-undercover attitude that is beguilingly sassy. The Satin Black addition gives the iconic cat-eye statement an overpowering surge of vintage confidence, which is perfectly sleek to revive this vintage trend with modern accents.

Le Specs Adam Selman - The Fugitive Satin Black


Le Specs Adam Selman - The Fugitive Gold

The Fugitive Gold is just what you need to give your visage an electrifying pop of gold and brim it up with an excitingly notorious energy. The sleek cat-eye statement of these sassy shades strike the perfect blend between criminal-like glamour and a fresh contemporary casual vibe that can be rocked everywhere.

Le Specs Adam Selman - The Fugitive Gold


Le Specs Adam Selman -The Last Lolita Black

Inspired by the playful flirtatiousness of Sue Lyon from Stanley Kubrick’s iconic Lolita, the Last Lolita plays up the most mischievous style to rock the sleek cat-eye statement. Its flat lenses and thick frame profile revamp this iconic trend with a gorgeously bold and modern aplomb.

Le Specs Adam Selman -The Last Lolita Black


Le Specs Adam Selman - The Last Lolita White

Channel your mischievous inner Lolita with these trendy Lolita-inspired cat-eye frames, which feature a thick and loud frame profile with sleek flat lenses. Now, this is the ultimate cat-eye frame to play up as a go-to accessory that you can pull off with any outfit at any given occasion. 

Le Specs Adam Selman - The Last Lolita White


Le Specs Adam Selman - The Last Lolita Opaque Red

Inspired by the mischievous and flirtatiously coy Lolita, The Last Lolita in Opaque Red is a highly covetable fashion accessory that is all the rage on the fashion radar. It has emerged as the It statement of the season with its loud vibrancy and iconic cat-eye design.

Le Specs Adam Selman - The Last Lolita Opaque Red



Le Specs Luxe - Nero Black [Restocked]

Flaunt the sleek and sexy charm of the Nero Black, a glamorous contemporary take on the vintage cat-eye trend. The sleek and thin black frame is perfect for those who seek light-weight minimalist sunnies with bold accents. The Nero Black is just what you need to channel your inner lady boss!

Le Specs Luxe - Nero Black


Le Specs Luxe - Adulation Platinum

The Adulation Platinum flaunts an insanely voguish design with an overload metal frame to cast a sexy halo-effect lens, and a sleekly slim cat-eye frame with a bold minimalist aplomb. It features adjustable nose pads and spring hinges to provide a tailored fit!

Le Specs Luxe - Adulation Platinum


Le Specs Luxe - Halogazer Sahara

The Halogazer Sahara rocks such a sensually feminine and modern take on the classic cat-eye silhouette, with its boldly emphasised metal bar that gives an insanely chic halo effect. The design is sealed with the Le Specs signature metal hardware, perfect to be flaunted anywhere and everywhere.

Le Specs Luxe - Halogazer Sahara


Le Specs Luxe - Ovation Rose Gold

The Ovation Rose Gold features a strikingly chic overlaid metal frame to cast a voguish halo-effect lens, with a perfectly rounded design and a sleek minimalist metal frame. The design is sealed with the Le Specs signature metal hardware, providing a tailored fit with adjustable nose pads and spring hinges.

Le Specs Luxe - Ovation Rose Gold


Le Specs Luxe - Ovation Rose Matte Black

Flaunt the iconic Ovation design with a romantically feminine rose matte black finish and a sleek overlaid metal frame with chic halo-effect lens. The design is perfectly rounded with a glamorous minimalistic metal frame, and adjustable nose pads and hinges to give you a tailored fit.

Le Specs Luxe - Ovation Rose Matte Black



- Le Specs Mainline

Le Specs - Enchantress Black

An excitingly sexy design by Le Specs, the Enchantress Black rocks a boldly sleek and contemporary take on the vintage cat-eye frame, to provide us with the sharpest accessory to flaunt all season. It’s temple detailing and premium metal inlay amplifies the sassy lady boss vibes.

Le Specs - Enchantress Black


Le Specs - Elysium Bright Gold

The sleek and vibrant Elysium Bright Gold features a sassy futuristic design with its oversize frame and mask-like shield lens that will amplify your glamour instantly. Its bold metal top-bar detailing adds an insanely chic accent, which will surely make you stand out in the crowd.

Le Specs - Elysium Bright Gold


Le Specs - Revolution Bright Gold

An insanely voguish and contemporary take on the vintage trend of perfectly rounded frame with sleek metal detailing, the Revolution Bright Gold are the perfect summertime shades to rock all day, every day. Their lightweight and sleek design is perfect for those who seek minimalist accessories.

Le Specs Revolution Bright Gold


Le Specs - Revolution Matte Black

The sassy matte black frame and brass revo mirror lens of the Revolution Matte Black plays up such a glamorously futuristic take on the classic design of perfectly rounded frames. This It girl fashion accessory is a definite summertime must-have for its beach vibes are perfect for outdoorsy girls!

Le Specs Revolution Matte Black


Le Specs - Fluxus Shadow Pink

Flaunt the sexy cat-eye design with a sassy pink-hued futuristic take with a heavy shadow frame and funky pink tint mirror lens. If you seek sunnies that provide powerful UV protection with an energetic pop of colour, it simply doesn’t get hotter than the Fluxus Shadow Pink!

Le Specs Fluxus Shadow Pink


Le Specs - Subdimension Black Tort

Flaunt the sassiest and boldest sunnies of the season, the Subdimension Black Tort rocks a contemporary take on the classic vintage design with its insanely chic flat brow rework. The bold Black Tort frame and khaki grid lens make it an incredibly versatile accessory!

Le Specs Subdimension Black Tort


Le Specs - Arcadia Black

The Arcadia Black rocks an incredibly sexy squared design with sleek metal top bar detailing and premium zero flat lenses for a bold rockabilly statement. The lightweight design is perfect for those who seek minimalist accessories that are versatile, and can be flaunted with any every outfit.

Le Specs Arcadia Black





A popular free-spirited sunnies brand that took birth on the roadside and draws its inspirations from the bohemian festival circuit. Quay Australia is your ultimate bohemian brand to shop sunglasses, and it is surrounded by music artists and hardcore festival attenders, who inspire their insanely cool and budget-friendly sunglasses. If you want to rock a vibe that is notoriously rebellious, insanely sexy and free-spirited, they have a remarkable collection of trendy shades that are bound to delight all free-thinkers and nonconformist rebels.

Their amazingly trendy collection is brimming with countless fearlessly bold designs that let you rock a carefree energy and a fresh attitude brimming with positivity. You can pick out dramatically sexy cat eye shades, reflective lenses, oversized aviators and a lot more. The designs are utterly beguiling and you are bound to fall in love with the variety Bazics CY has on display. Quay Australia will make all your bohemian sunnies dreams come true! 


Quay Australia - Sahara Black/Olive

An insanely voguish designed inspired by the majestically serene landscape of the desert, and adorned with transparent lens to give your journeys a retro-inspired filter. Its bold dramatic statement features a sleek metal frame and exaggeratedly flat lenses for an infectiously chic and versatile statement.

Quay Australia Sahara Black/Olive



Quay Australia - Somerset Gold/Smoke

Rock the Somerset to flaunt the aviator trend with a sassy and modern aplomb. These insanely chic sunnies rock an elegantly polished vibe with highly reflective polycarbonate flat lenses, and an ultra-sleek brow bar to seal the statement with bold minimalism. The bracketed nose bridge makes it even sleeker!

Quay Australia Somerset Gold/Smoke



Quay Australia - Hidden Hills Black/Smoke

Hidden Hills offer the ultimate non-reflective black lenses to make you stand out in the crowd with sassy and loud lady boss vibes. These are the perfect shades to hide away your eyes and yet command all attention by striking a bold and effortlessly chic statement.

Quay Australia Hidden Hills Black/Smoke


Quay Australia - As If! Orange

These romantically feminine orange-hued transparent frames features matching lenses to help you flaunt the timeless ‘90s trend with a chic modern aplomb. The subtle geometric revamping gives the vintage cat-eye trend a glamorously vibrant and contemporary makeover, perfect for all your beachside and contemporary streetwear statements.

Quay Australia As If! Orange


Quay Australia - Steal A Kiss Pink/Brown

Rock a sensually feminine ‘old Hollywood-inspired glamour with the bold thick plastic frame and gold-dipped arms of Steal a Kiss. These insanely voguish sunnies are a timeless fashion treat, and you can rock them with a romantically feminine transparent blush pink frame and retro brown lenses.


Quay Australia Steal A Kiss Pink/Brown

Quay Australia - Steal A Kiss Black/Smoke

Flaunt the glamorous ‘old Hollywood vibes of Steal a Kiss with the bold maximalist aplomb of thick black plastic frame and dark smoke lenses. It casts the perfect lady boss confidence with its sassy design and powerful vintage appeal. What’s more, despite being thick, the sunnies are extremely lightweight!

Quay Australia Steal A Kiss Black/Sm


Quay Australia - Common Love Black/Smoke

The Common Love is a gorgeous fashion treat with its distinctively charming and unique geometric shape, paired with contrasting gold arms and a rich matte black frame with dark smoke lenses. Now, this is the perfect pair to shield your eyes against the harmful UV rays with a bold style statement.

Quay Australia Common Love Black / Smoke


Quay Australia - Common Love Tort/Brown

The charming cool-girl vibe of the Common Love sunnies is utterly and insanely chic, and its unique geometric design is bound to make you stand out in the crowd. Flaunt a powerful and bold statement with a rich and glossy tortoise frame and retro brown lenses.

Quay Australia Common Love Tort / Brown


Quay Australia - Needing Fame Black/Smoke

Needing Fame are the ultimate sunnies to rock a glamorous celebrity-like statement that commands the spotlight and attracts attention. These chunky and sassy aviators feature a loud oversized design with plastic piping detailing adorning the sleek metal frame. The adjustable nose pads ensure the perfect fit!

Quay Australia Needing Fame Black / Smoke



Quay Australia - After Hours Tort/Brown

After Hours strikes a divine blend of timeless glamour and bold modern edginess, with its classic tortoise frame and retro chic brown lenses. The subtly winged squared frame will give your face a well-defined and powerful svelte. These are a definite summertime must-have to beat the heat!

Quay Australia After Hours Tort / Brown


Quay Australia - Cafe Racer Black/Smoke

If you’re seeking the idea shades to hide behind, the oversized and dramatic chicness of the Café Racer allows you to stay hidden and yet be the centre of all attention. It’s dramatically harsh straight brow heavy plastic frame casts a bold statement, just what you need for an effortlessly cool accessory.

Quay Australia Cafe Racer Black / Smoke



CINCO, a brand that creates romantically sensual minimalist jewellery that conveys a simple and elegant attitude, entered the industry as an independent design house that grew to emerge as one of the most iconic names in the minimalist jewellery niche. They design fine jewellery in silver 925 with such beguilingly elegant and serenely sophisticated designs, fit to give a queen a delicate touch of regal svelte.

This iconic jewellery design house is always amazingly abreast of all the popular trends on the runways, along with constantly reviving the timeless vintage designs that we all adore no matter what. CINCO provides contemporary and vintage jewellery with its own signature touch of simplistic minimalist that borders on elegant and contemporary with a modern attitude. If you are a girl who is always on the lookout for a delicate and timeless trinket, CINCO has a delightful collection of romantically feminine and subtle jewels that will help you keep it simple and elegant.

Cinco - Newbella Necklace 925 Sterling Silver / 24k Yellow Gold Plated

A gorgeously romantic and sensually feminine Newbella is a delicate delight crafted with 925 sterling silver and fine quality 24k yellow gold plating. It is an effortlessly elegant necklace that can be flaunted anywhere and everywhere, be it a fancy luncheon or a casual day at work.

Cinco Newbella Necklace 925 Sterling Silver / 24k Yellow Gold Plated



Cinco - Ginger Necklace 925 Sterling Silver / 24k Yellow Gold Plated

The glistening and gleaming beauty of Ginger is crafted with fine quality 24k yellow gold plating and 925 sterling silver, to provide you a voguishly elegant delight to channel your femininity with a subtle sensuality. The delicately rounded pendant gives the necklace an exotic appeal.

Cinco Ginger Necklace 925 Sterling Silver / 24k Yellow Gold Plated


Cinco - Nico Necklace 925 Sterling Silver / 24k Yellow Gold Plated

Nico is the perfect ornament for women who seek the delicate sensuality of minimalist designs and energetic vibrancy of gleaming gold. Crafted with 925 sterling silver and fine quality 24k yellow gold plating, it is an artfully exotic treat that can be flaunted at both, formal and casual occasions.

Cinco Nico Necklace 925 Sterling Silver / 24k Yellow Gold Plated


Cinco - Jeanne Earrings 925 Sterling Silver / 24k Yellow Gold Plated

The Jeanne earrings play up the perfect blend between retro bohemian accents and a sleek modern vibe with its dramatically chunky yet minimalist design. Made with 24k yellow gold plating and 925 sterling silver, these are the ultimate trinkets to load up your streetwear outfits with a bold energy.

Cinco - Jeanne Earrings 925 Sterling Silver / 24k Yellow Gold Plated


Cinco - Benedicte Necklace 925 Sterling Silver / 24k Yellow Gold Plated

Channel your inner goddess with the romantic femininity of the artful Benedicte necklace, which plays up a delicately minimalist and contemporary design. Crafted with 925 sterling silver and 24k yellow gold plating, this is a timelessly beautiful trinket that can be flaunted formally and casually! 

Cinco Benedicte Necklace 925 Sterling Silver / 24k Yellow Gold Plated


Cinco - Gia Choker 925 Sterling Silver / 24k Yellow Gold Plated

If you’re a femme who seeks delicate accessory that make a romantic statement, flaunt the minimalistic glamour of the Gia choker for a boldly muted look. It is embellished with 925 sterling silver and fine quality 24k yellow gold plating for an incredibly versatile accessory.

Cinco Gia Choker 925 Sterling Silver / 24k Yellow Gold Plated



NA-KD is a contemporary brand that allows women to rock a flawlessly immaculate and ramp-ready wardrobe without breaking their bank. You can pick out the raging trends of runway, and give your wardrobe a bold makeover with sleek cuts, sexy slits, audacious designs and luxurious fabrics. This is an iconic brand that delivers glamour to those who seek to stand out and ravish themselves with the charisma of exclusivity.


NA-KD - Mesh Overlap Maxi Skirt Leoprint

The Mesh Overlap Maxi skirt is an artfully voguish bohemian delight that features a fiercely sexy leopard print, a suggestively provocative asymmetrical hemline and sassy flounce detailing. This delightful fashion treat is a definite must-have to give your summertime statements a bold energy and loud charisma.

NA-KD Mesh Overlap Maxi Skirt Leoprint


NA-KD - Satin Pants Terracotta

The sharply tailored satin pants in terracotta feature a chic slim fit design with an incredibly comfortable drawstring enclosure, and a glossy sheen that is perfectly trendy for contemporary streetwear. The insanely voguish athleisure appeal of these satin plants will never cease to delight you with its versatility.

NA-KD Satin Pants Terracot


NA-KD - V Neck Mini Lace Dress Black

Channel your bold inner goddess with the romantic sensuality of this gorgeous lace black mini-dress. It plays up an intensely seductive design blended with elegance and svelte, and a daringly provocative deep V-neck to ravish your beauty assets and brim you up with an alluring confidence.

NA-KD V Neck Mini Lace Dress Black


NA-KD - Cropped Long Sleeve Knitted Sweater White


NA-Kd presents the ultimate contemporary take on a knitted sweater by revamping the cosy knitwear staple with sassy dropped shoulders, chic wide sleeves and a short hip-grazing length. This voguishly trendy delight in crisp white is the perfect go-to staple for both, casual wear and workwear.

NA-KD Cropped Long Sleeve Knitted Sweater White


NA-KD - Cropped Long Sleeve Knitted Sweater Black

Flaunt the sassiest take on the classic knitted sweater design with the black cropped long sleeve sweater, which features dropped shoulders and voguish wide sleeves with a sleek hip-grazing length. You can take this staple anywhere and everywhere, be it a casual lunch or a day at work.

NA-KD Cropped Long Sleeve Knitted Sweater Black




Cheap Monday, an iconic Stockholm-based label, is the perfect brand to create a trendy, effortlessly chic and contemporary wardrobe. It caters to all the contemporary style needs of a modern It girls, be it the perfect fit skinny jeans, a racy miniskirt, an effortlessly chic maxi dress, or their signature skull motif sassiness. Their clean signature Scandinavian style adds an insanely voguish athleisure vibe blended with contemporary streetwear glamour to help you amass a wardrobe that is versatile and super-functional.

You can pick out a wide variety of colour palettes, trendy designs and iconic styles from their constantly updating collections, which are always fully abreast with the fashion radars and runways all over the world. If you’re always on the hunt of high quality jeans, they provide an endlessly abundant variety of iconic styles and splendid fits, along with trendy casual knitwear, covetable dresses, chic jersey separates, funky accessories, and lots more.


Cheap Monday - Zip Short Denim Skirt Blue Blaze

Flaunt the timeless chicness of this insanely voguish denim skirt, featuring bold front zipper detailing and a sassy raw-cut hem, perfect for a modern boho-inspired statement. It is made with rigid denim fabric, an incredibly versatile pick that you can pair up with anything and everything in your wardrobe!

Cheap Monday Zip Short Denim Skirt Blue Blaze



Cheap Monday - Zip Short Denim Skirt Black

This sassy black denim skirt allows you to rock the timeless voguish beauty of the most versatile bottom staple know to womankind. It features a bold front zipper to strike a retro-chic statement, with a raw-cut hemline, which commands attention with its infectiously racy vibes.

Cheap Monday Zip Short Denim Skirt Black


Cheap Monday - Similar Zip Short Skirt Black

Glam up your nightlife wardrobe with this audaciously bold A-line miniskirt featuring glossy imitation patent leather that exudes a sassy shine. It’s front zip closure adds up to the boldness of the design, while the snap button and line interior will keep you comfy on the dance floor.

Cheap Monday Similar Zip Short Skirt Black


Cheap Monday - Chore Bib Blue Blaze

The Chore Bib Blue Blaze is the ultimate summertime fashion treat to flaunt the effortlessly chic and insanely trendy 90s inspired statement of denim dungarees. This voguishly on-point dungaree can be played up with sexy off-the-shoulder tops, athleisure tanks, and sensual bralettes and lots more!

Cheap Monday Chore Bib Blue Blaze



Cheap Monday - Ally Jeans Blank White

The sharply structured high-waist design of the crisp white Ally Jeans will help you tuck in that gently protruding muffin top, slim down your waists and flaunt your shapely legs with a relaxed A-line fit and straight cropped legs. This is hands down the comfiest and chicest bottom staple for contemporary streetwear!

Cheap Monday Ally Jeans Blank White



Cheap Monday - High Spray Jeans Cut Black

The High Spray black jeans are a dynamic everyday bottom staple that is a definite must-have with its subtly distressed look and sleek high-waisted design. It will give you a slim fit to rock your shapely legs with confidence, and its versatility can be flaunted with anything and everything.

Cheap Monday High Spray Jeans Cut Black


Cheap Monday - Tight Recycled Jeans Shift Blue

These recycled eco-friendly jeans are made with Post Consume Waste fabric to give you a sexy mid-waist skinny fit design to flaunt your shapely legs with a bold aplomb. The soft stretch of the organic cotton fabric makes the pair extremely comfortable, while the washed blue denim looks effortlessly chic.

Cheap Monday Tight Recycled Jeans Shift Blue



Cheap Monday - Choice Force Stripe Tank off Black

The Choice Force Stripe Tank is the ultimate summertime stable to beat the heat with an effortlessly chic statement and stay cool against the awful humidity. It is crafted with a sustainably soft tencel fabric, and it features a rounded neck with a sexy open back, and shoe-lace ribbon closure.

Cheap Monday Choice Force Stripe Tank off Black


Cheap Monday - Center Top Black

A definite must-have for summer, the Center Top rocks a sassy open-back statement to beat the heat and cool off with a sexy contemporary look. It’s open-back features a chic shoe-lace enclosure, which can be paired with a sexy bralette. This incredibly versatile delight can be flaunted at the gym and on the streets.

Cheap Monday - Center Top Black


Cheap Monday - Donna Shorts Lit Trash

The sassy and infectiously voguish Donna Shorts are inspired by the bold retro vibes of the glorious 80s and 90s, and it timeless denim appeal can be flaunted in streetwear and on club nights. Its high-rise design will slim down your waist, while the organic cotton fabric will keep you comfy.

Cheap Monday Donna Shorts Lit Trash



Cheap Monday - Donna Shorts Dust Black

The Donna Shorts in dusty black allow you to rock the sassy and glamorous retro denim vibes of the glorious 80s and 90s with its effortlessly chic appeal. It is created with pure organic cotton fabric to help you cool off against the heat and stay comfy.

Cheap Monday Donna Shorts Dust Black


Cheap Monday - Revive Shorts Blue Heat

Flaunt the energetic blue colour palette of the Revive shorts, which feature a mid-rise design to emphasize your finely-toned waist, and sassy cut-off legs for a chic boho appeal. It is lovingly crafted wit pure and soft organic cotton stretch fabric for a comfy fit.

Cheap Monday Revive Shorts Blue Heat


Cheap Monday - Against Knit Pale Pink

Flaunt the infectiously chic and romantically feminine blush pink colour palette of this modern knitwear design. Against Knit takes a sleek contemporary take on the classic knitwear cardigan design, perfect to break away from the monotony of rigid workwear and channel your femininity with subtlety.

Cheap Monday Against Knit Pale Pink


Cheap Monday - Well Sweat Grey Melange

This insanely cool sweatshirt plays up a trendy athleisure design, blended with the bold timeless glamour of the off-the-shoulder accents by marking the front and the back with a provocatively sexy deep V-neck. This is hands down an infectiously chic summertime fashion staple to stay cool and look bold.

Cheap Monday Well Sweat Grey Melange


Cheap Monday - Upsize Denim Jacket Lit Trash

The sassy upsized designed of this insanely voguish denim jacket allows you to rock a timeless trend with the undeniable versatility that only denim can add up to your wardrobe. It features signature antique style silver buttons to amplify the retro vibe, and a soft organic cotton fabric.

Cheap Monday Upsize Denim Jacket Lit Trash



Cheap Monday - Legit Denim Jacket Tom Blue

The retro-chic appeal of the Legit Denim Jacket in Tom Blue is strikes all the right chords of timeless vintage versatility with contemporary sleekness. It is crafted with soft and pure organic cotton, and its washed light blue finish can be paired with anything and everything.

Cheap Monday Legit Denim Jacket Tom Blue


Cheap Monday - Race Jacket Black

Rock the audaciously bold vibes of the Race Jacket in glossy black to glam up your nightlife and club night outfits with a notoriously cool aura. It features imitation patent leather to exude a glamorous shine, and a sassy front zipper to emphasise your beauty assets!

Cheap Monday Race Jacket Black


The majestically beautiful locations of Pervolia beach and the lush fields of Kiti Village filled our hearts with energetic positivity and spiritual peace that will last with us forever.

Bazics CY

It was extremely fun to share one frame, with the powerful presences of my sister Elena Chrysafi and Ifigenia Pieridou, and Leonidas made our shoot a raging success with his sheer talent and dedication. We are extremely delighted and hope to have yet again provided our viewers with an exciting showcase to introduce them to our latest arrival collections.

Barbara Chrysafi xxx

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