Paris Mon Amour: Styling My Irreplaceable Trip to Paris With Sun Sea & Roses

October 07, 2022

Paris Mon Amour: Styling My Irreplaceable Trip to Paris With Sun Sea & Roses

Recently we embarked on our first trip to Paris with our five-year-old son, and it was an unforgettable experience. When I was preparing for our trip, I wanted everything to be perfect so that I could stay present on my travels and make lasting memories with my family. After spending days planning out our itinerary, I had a clear idea of the adventures we would be going on. The next thing I had to decide on was my wardrobe choices.

Clothes have always been important to me because they are an extension of my personality. I always strive to be comfortable, fashionable, and of course a bit luxurious. After all, I was going to be in Paris Mon Amour. I started by picking out two blazers, one black and one purple. I knew that the black would give me a bold, French-inspired look that could be dressed up or down. My purple blazer adds a pop of color to any look and enhances my accessories with a sassy, timeless look.






It’s easy to overpack so I knew my blazers could be worn with sneakers, high heels, loafers, jean leggings, skirts or dresses. The versatility of my wardrobe items is a huge part of my decision-making. The purple blazer also holds a special place in my heart because it’s soft, and flattering on my skin tone. I knew it was non-negotiable to bring it along with me. While I was packing, I began getting excited about wearing such a sentimental apparel item to Paris for a date night with my husband and baby boy. I could just picture how amazing everything would look and feel in real life!

As I finished up my packing, I wanted to grab a matching set so I chose one in a vibrant fuchsia color. In more ways than I can name, this set is the masterpiece of my wardrobe. Whenever I wear this set, I feel beautiful in my own skin. It makes me feel casual, cool, and elegant. I knew I wanted to walk the streets of Paris feeling empowered and inspired, which is why self-expression was so important to me. How I dress directly influences how I feel.





By the time we embarked on our trip, I was already looking forward to wearing my outfits. My husband and I decided to stop at Disneyland first to spend a few days going on rides and introducing my son to the fantasy world. After our pitstop, we arrived in the heart of Paris and ended up staying at the Hotel Plaza Athenee. The hotel was elegant and chic, with a lot of attention placed on the small interior design details.

As we walked through the building, we entered a stunning courtyard in the center of the hotel. It was the ideal place to take photos and document our once-in-a-lifetime trip. At that time, I was so grateful that I had my purple blazer. It made the perfect statement in my photos, and I even coordinated it with my son's outfits.










My trip to Paris is something I will remember forever, and I look forward to sharing those photographs with my son when he gets older. I couldn’t have picked a better variety of wardrobe pieces for my magical vacation. I am so grateful that Sun Sea and Roses follows through on our mission, we strive to make collections that represent timeless simplicity, and I definitely felt that on my trip! I will continue to grow my wardrobe with smart street-style looks that suit all occasions.

Elena Chrysafi XXX

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