All the Fun & Excitement that Went Down at Bazics Cy’s Summer Fashion Shoots!

July 13, 2017

All the Fun & Excitement that Went Down at Bazics Cy’s Summer Fashion Shoots!

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At Bazics Cy, we are always taking creative initiatives to make online shopping an incredibly immersive, rewarding and inspiring experience for the modern femme. And we fully understand that shopaholics adore projecting their body goals and wardrobe achievements with inspirations from all over the world.

In this post, we want to share with you the wonderful experiences we had while shooting some of our most spectacular summer collections, for the brands: Cheap Monday, Phax, Le Specs, Rut & Circle and Gracie Roberts.

We wish to introduce the beautiful and confidently bold personalities of our gorgeous models, Amanda Chrishell and Timothea Nearchou who really played up the heat and sensuality of the clothing staples. 

Before you excite yourself with the exhilarating details of our shoot, we would like to remind you that at Bazics Cy, women’s fashion is regarded as nothing less than a bounty that deserves to be treated as art.

Are you ready to enjoy all the exciting details of our spectacular fashion shoots? All photos were taken by our good friend and talented photographer Leonidas Leonidou.

Shoot # 1

Phax & Le Specs

Phax’s swimwear collection is always brimming with exclusive runway trends, and it pays a splendid tribute to summer-friendly attire and flaunting one’s curves with confidence. One look at their recent summer capsule, and we knew it deserved a location as breath-taking as the serene shores and tropical heavenliness of the Kahuna Surf house.

Our exotically gorgeous model, Amanda Chrishell, worked wonders at amplifying the seductive energy exuded by the latest swimwear pieces from Phax. With the location and face of the collection ready to roll, we hit our destination and enjoy some wondrously exhilarating hours of sprawling out on the beach, and creating art to tantalize the shopaholic tendencies of our customers.


We also added some eye-catching sunglasses and shaded aviators from Le Specs’ latest eyewear collection, and they looked utterly voguish on the bold beauty that is Amanda Chrishell.

These two collections put forward a myriad of innovative new trends to revolutionize women’s fashion. We photographed countless bohemian prints, sleeveless bikinis, sheer patches, halter-necks, metallic, floral prints, Havana-style bikinis and lots more.

The weather was the essence of perfection, and this heavenly shore of Cyprus provided us an abundance of backgrounds and foregrounds to create an artsy and tantalizing shoot to delight our customers who love to shop online.


Shoot # 2

Cheap Monday & Phax 

Cheap Monday is an innovative contemporary casual brand that seeks to liberate women’s fashion with modern cuts, graphic sass and bold designs. We couldn’t wait to showcase the contemporary and sassy collections of Phax and Cheap Monday with a refreshing and artsy new shoot. Bazics Cy is always looking out to make online shopping an immersive and rewarding experience, and this is yet another attempt to brim our customers with artsy style inspirations.

For this spectacular shoot, we picked out the fields of our hometown, Larnaca, a place that allows serenity, peace and solitude with all the beauty that nature has to offer. The gracious sun provided us an abundance of natural light to play up the photographic beauty, and the gorgeous Amanda Chrishell beamed with poise and seduction as we photographed her around the fields.


Shoot # 3

Rut & Circle

Rut & Circle is a contemporary women’s fashion brands that provides the modern femme a wide range of trends and an assortment of staples to rock minimalist fashion with a chicer than chic aplomb. One look at the modern cuts and contemporary designs was all it took to decide a metropolitan yet artistically rich location to shoot this phenomenally voguish collection.

So, we grabbed our beautiful model, Amanda Chrishell, and arrived at Larnaca downtown to engage in some contemporary art photography. The streets of downtown Larnaca are an abode to the architectural history of Cyprus and we attempted to make these artsy architectural symbols a significant aspect of our shoot.


From vintage wooden doors and artsy wood work, to street art, floral arrangements and brightly hued windows, we tried to capture the modern essence of downtown Larnaca with the contemporary voguish appeal of the splendid collection by Rut & Circle.

Shoot # 4

Cheap Monday, Le Specs, Phax, Gracie Roberts, & Rut & Circle

We couldn’t contain our excitement for the spectacular shoot we had planned to showcase the amazingly trendy collections by Phax, Gracie Roberts, Rut & Circle, Cheap Monday and Le Specs. Incorporating so many innovative brands into one shoot was the most exciting aspect about this project, and we picked out the heavenly Meneou beach, located in Larnaca, as our location.

The location was truly beyond ideal, for nothing can ever be compared with the breath-taking and wave-splashing beaches of Cyprus. We had a stunning assortment of trendy women’s fashion apparel, which consisted of attractive eye-wear trends, contemporary cuts for the modern femme, off-the-shoulder bikinis and tops, luxuriously comfy bottom staples and lots more.

Our model, the beautiful and bold Timothea Nearchou held the perfect personalities to embody the charm and chicness of the modern contemporary fashionistas, and they really work wonders at amplifying the glamour of the collections. These photogenic beauty allowed us to capture magnificent poses against the magical blue water of the sea, and the tropical beauty of nature.

The collection is brimming with contemporary designs, sexy lace shorts, revamped button-downs, sharply structured sheaths and lots more. This shoot gave us a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature, and capture all the earthly vibes that make our lives so wholesome and beautiful. We've had some additional shoots of myself, Barbara Chrysafi, owner of Bazics CY for Le Specs sunglasses and Gracie Roberts NY bags.

The experience of shooting at Meneou beach Larnaca was truly a one a kind and exciting journey, which not only gave us an opportunity to marvel at the sensuality of femininity, but also made us grateful for the wondrous peace and serenity offered by nature.

Barbara Chrysafi xxx


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